Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene had been on a podcast collectively, and when Gaetz introduced up the 1/6 pipe bomber, issues obtained fascinating.


Gaetz stated, “Folks had been accusing like Lauren Boebert of main reconnaissance. excursions.” Greene stated, “What? Along with her youngsters and her husband?”

Gaetz continued, “They had been accusing you of like pipebombs, and right here’s what individuals don’t know. The explanation why Marjorie Taylor Greene has a complete alibi from the pipebomb factor is that I’ve by no means seen this lady in a hoodie.”

Ha-ha-ha. Attempting to overthrow the federal government and planting pipebombs is so humorous.

Have a look at the look on Greene’s face when Gaetz mentions that some individuals suppose she is the pipe bomber.

The fascinating a part of that video clip is that there was no denial.

It could be troublesome to consider that the identical lady who can’t spell martial regulation constructed pipe bombs, however the risk that she is aware of who made and left the pipe bombs is there.

Marjorie Taylor Greene couldn’t keep in mind her personal title when she lately testified at a listening to to disqualify her from the poll, however she is definite that she and her pals didn’t attempt to overthrow the federal government.

Except that her text messages show that she did.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is aware of much more than what she has been saying.