Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) blamed his workers after the 1/6 Committee implicated him within the faux elector scheme.

After the Committee showed evidence of his involvement, Johnson’s spokesperson tweeted:

Both Ron Johnson doesn’t know what his workers is doing, or he’s mendacity. The rationale why Senator Johnson is probably going not telling the reality is that staffers don’t normally contact the workers of the vice chairman on a whim or attempt to line up one thing like Sen. Johnson handing faux votes to Pence on their very own.

The staffer was doubtless advised to achieve out to Pence’s workplace to make this occur. Sen. Johnson appears to be underneath the impression that since he didn’t make the request himself, he has believable deniability.

A fast subpoena to the staffer would shed some gentle on the entire matter, however Sen. Johnson’s story is mindless. In Johnson’s model, he was completely at the hours of darkness, whereas his workers was so nicely knowledgeable concerning the faux elector plot that they had been in a position to discuss to Pence’s workers in a educated method.

The one who was ready to have data of the plot was Ron Johnson. The 1/6 Committee caught him, and Johnson’s hiding behind workers excuse raises extra questions than solutions.